Grades K – 8

Students are required to wear the KIPP uniform every day. The Kinder-8th Grade uniform is below.

  • A KIPP light blue polo shirt, tucked in.
  • All khaki bottoms (pants, shorts. skirt, or skorts); appropriate size and fit with belt for pants with a belt loop.
  • Solid white undershirts and socks.
  • Shoes cannot light up or have wheels and must be closed toed.
  • Headbands – No more than one worn at a time (gray, navy, white, or black).

KIPP Students

Grades 9-12

Students must wear the following uniform to school each day

  • KIPP Columbus High (KCH) Button-Down Oxford Shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve).
  • Khaki-Colored Pants/Shorts (with belt loops).
    • Girls may wear a knee length khaki skirt.
    • If students elect to wear shorts, students most wear all black or all white socks.
  • Shoes
    • Professional shoes must be a solid brown or black color. If a students wear athletic shoes, the shoes must be fully black (including soles) or tan/wheat colored.
  • Belt (a plain tan, brown or black belt with their uniforms daily).
  • Ties/Bowties (all gentlemen will wear either a tie or a bowtie daily as part of their uniform).
  • Head Coverings and Headbands
    • Full head coverings should only be worn for religious purposes and should only be solid neutral colors. If girls choose to wear a headband at school, then they will wear the KCH headband. No other headbands or scarves are allowed at school.
  • Additional KCH Apparel (Students may also purchase additional KCH approved uniform items such as cardigan sweaters or sweater vests from the uniform store on campus or by ordering directly from the school closet website.

Students in ALL grades may NOT wear the following:

  • Belts or belt buckles with multiple colors, flashy designs, or logos.
  • Rubber bands, wristbands, or bangles
  • Open toed shoes, sandals, or heels (shoes)
  • Hats or Bandanas
  • Jewelry
  • No necklaces, rings, wristbands, or bangles
  • Earrings are allowed if smaller than size of nickel
  • Fake nails
  • Gang-related attire
  • Any makeup that has coloring (no lipstick).

Personal Tech

Smartwatches (FitBits, Apple Watches, etc.) and wireless Bluetooth headphones are not permitted.

Buying a Uniform

All uniform shirts are available for purchase at the front desk of each school. Please call 614.263.6137 or contact us with questions.