At KIPP Columbus, hot, healthy, and delicious meals are prepared daily by in-house chefs from AVI Fresh and provided free of charge to 100% of our students. We use fresh foods, organic ingredients, and a diverse menu to bring creative dishes and new and innovative meals to life. Nearly 2 million free meals have been provided since the opening of the KIPP Columbus Campus.

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Some of the features of our program include:

  • A state of the art teaching kitchen for culinary classes and community events.
  • A fresh food Market that features new entrees daily
  • An organic salad bar for enhanced healthy options
  • Two executive chefs and a sous chef on campus

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Our Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program at KIPP Columbus includes FREE breakfast and lunch. We also provide a free daily snack for students at KIPP Columbus Primary. Students with specific food allergies will be accommodated as long as the specific needs are shared with the main office.

Nutrition Standards

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA), a national school lunch program has been implemented at KIPP Columbus. We have incorporated greater amounts of organic foods, fruits and vegetables, all whole grains, lower levels of calories, etc.

The goal is to increase the overall number of healthy meals students are eating, particularly since school lunches are such an important source of nutrition. In addition to the nutritional meal guidelines, the act also encourages the use of more local and farm fresh produce, school gardens, and healthier snack and drinks choices.

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Peanut and Peanut Butter Free School

Due to significant food allergies of some KIPPsters, we are a peanut and peanut butter free school. Students are not able to bring peanuts or foods with peanut butter to KIPP. This includes for any packed lunches.  Thank you in advance for ensuring that ALL KIPPsters are safe and can freely enjoy their meal times at KIPP without worrying about this food allergy.


Birthdays are special in the life of any child and we love to celebrate!  For families who want to bring in a snack for a child’s birthday, we ask families to follow the below process. Please reach out with questions.

  • Family calls the office at least one week in advance to identify the date to bring the birthday snack.
  • There must be enough snacks for each student in the class.
  • The snacks must follow the guidelines listed above.
  • The snacks must arrive by 3:00 pm (at the latest) on the day of the celebration, in order to be shared with the class by 3:45 p.m.