KIPP Through College

The KIPP Through College program works in partnership with KIPPsters and their families to ensure every student continues to climb the mountain to and through. Through individualized supports, over 95% of KIPP Columbus alumni have graduated from high school, almost double the rate of their peers at nearby district schools.

The KIPP Through College program uses KIPP’s national college match framework to ensure students matriculate to their best-fit postsecondary option. 87% of KIPP Columbus alumni matriculate to college annually, nearly quadruple the rate of their peers nationally. The KTC team support our college prep focus in all of our schools. They also work with current KIPP Columbus High KIPPsters to provide College Credit Plus courses, college and career exploration, ACT prep support, financial literacy instruction, summer program and internship matching, and so much more.

KIPP Through College is a national program that can be found at KIPP schools throughout the country.
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