Results from Ohio's annual report cards for the 2016-2017 school year verify our KIPPsters are making extraordinary academic gains!

Overall Value-Added: A

On Ohio's Value-Added Student Growth measure, that gauges how much students are learning from one year to the next, KIPP Columbus was the highest rated urban school in Ohio (among all charter schools and district schools located in Ohio's Big 8 cities: Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown).

With a composite value-added score nearly 10x the score required to earn an "A," KIPP Columbus had the highest amount of growth of any charter school in Ohio and was ranked 26th in the entire State (3,100 schools) on this metric. Since KIPP Columbus was founded, our value-added score has received the highest mark achievable each year.

Lowest 20% and Students with Disabilities Value-Added: A

Serving students at all levels of the achievement spectrum. Not only did KIPP score well with low-performing students--getting them up to speed and making gains toward proficiency--but also with students with disabilities. This subgroup demonstrated significant growth in all grades and assessments as well as earned an "A" as a Value-Added subgroup on the report card--the only such school to do so in Franklin County.

K-3 Literacy Component: B

KIPP Columbus ranked in the top 20% of schools statewide on K-3 literacy, a measure of how well schools are getting students on track to reading proficiency by the end of third grade. KIPP's third-grade reading proficiency score was more than double that of several nearby elementary schools.

however, we know continuous improvement is more than state scores...

  • KIPP's rate of 94% is a testament to its strong school culture and stands in marked contrast to the nearly 1 in 6 central Ohio schools that have serious problems with student attendance and truancy.

  • Power of the ProgramThe longer students attend KIPP, the higher their performance.KIPPsters in grades 3-8 who attended for two or more years were 2.5x more likely to score proficient or higher than students in their first year. At the high school level, students who attended for two or more years were 10x more likely to score proficient or higher than those in their first year of enrollment.

And we don't stop there... 

At KIPP Columbus, we continuously guide and evaluate our effectiveness through testing, surveys, and personal feedback. Most importantly, we use "The Six Essential questions" to provide a yardstick by which we can measure our school's progress towards our school goals and provide a larger picture of the incredible things happening in our schools.

The Six Essential Questions


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